Time is really precious

for the wines Appassimento Sangiovese,

Appassimento Puglia,

Nero d’Avola,


and Fiano, from lightly dried grapes.

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Illustrations by Michele Marconi

The grapes, harvested by hand from selected vines, become wines of excellent quality, thanks to the care throughout the production phase, in which the bunches are left to dry under constant control to ensure perfect ventilation and temperature.
This dehydration process, called Appassimento, changes according to the type of grapes (for Sangiovese it lasts an average of 60 days) and guarantees that a high concentration of juice is formed in the berry, consequently increasing the body and structure of the wine.

5 wines, 5 bottles

There are five wines in the Aprimondo family. To enhance the unique characteristics of each, Caviro has designed a different bottle for each one, as different as the characteristics of the areas and the grapes grown there. Each is typical of the production territory and represents the indissoluble link between the tradition and the wine culture of the lands from which they originate.