an italian story

Cantine Caviro is an Italian agricultural cooperative founded in Faenza, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, in 1966. An area rich in traditions, strong values, character and with a great vocation in the production of wines. For over fifty years, our mission has been to promote the grapes from our own growers in a land with a strong vocation for winemaking. Today, we exports to over 70 countries. In terms of hectares of vineyards and volume of wine produced, we are the largest Winery in Italy. This is how it has enhanced not only Its territories, with the beauty and peculiarities of their landscapes, but also their traditions.

We have always paid great attention to the quality and innovation of our products investing to structure a new model for our circular economy, creating a case history studied all over Europe. Our model aims to eliminate the idea of waste: starting from the vineyard, every raw material is considered a precious resource, processed and transformed into a new material to reinsert into the cycle.
A virtuous cycle that unites man and the environment,
the grape and the earth, the present and the future.